Donelon Oco

I am a professional photographer for 7 years, as a freelance photographer / artist / image contributor, my professional services ranges from advertising, corporate, food shots, travel, portraiture, special events such as action,sports, concerts, ceremonies, launchings, ground breaking to other photographic coverages such as weddings, debut, anniversaries, promotions. I cater to several advertising agencies, design studios, direct client / public relations company of various industries. I do: FILM PHOTOGRAPHY: In Format 135mm - 120cm. Equipment: ( Canon system in negatives or transparency / slides ) DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY : Format 135 – 4x5. Equipment : (Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Hasselblad, Sinar. ) Tiff and Jpeg file format to suit web pages and advertising purposes. GRAPHIC DESIGN : Lay-out and manipulates image (retouching,composite) using adobe photoshop, freehand.