Emmanuel Cua Galang

Travel and nature photography are the two main subjects of Noel Galang's photography. He firmly believes that by capturing the wonderful array of colors of nature and our culture, he could showcase the beauty and wonders of the Philippines. He is an advocate of responsible eco-tourism and the preservation of our natural resources. He founded a group called Escape Outdoors Club to serve these purposes. Most of his images connotes serenity and amusement. Although generally his images provides breathtaking visions of wonderful places and people, he wouldn't have second thoughts in capturing images of the desecration of the environment and of people in various moods. Being an amateur for almost ten years now, Noel intends to hone his craft by discovering more secluded places this country has to offer. To be aware of the richness of our natural and cultural heritage will make us Filipinos proud of our great land. With these realizations, the effort of preservation will be on hand. Noel's kind of photography will definitely be enjoyed for generations to come.