Sidney Miñoza Nanini

Sidney M. Nanini started to develop the hobby of photography in his early age. He’s been a serious photo enthusiast since 1990. He is a government photographer and this enabled him to travel to different scenic places in the country. My first SLR camera is a canon AE1 that my father gave me. I used it to earn income and support my studies. I shoot pictures of every activity in school like field trips, intramurals, graduation etc. Sometimes, I also do jobs for police report in my hometown. I started exploring the medium in my high school days. It started when we had a field trip. While riding on top of a jeepney on my way home, I saw the sun as it sets in a wide rice field. It was its rays that attracted me as if it’s a glittering gold that illuminates the rice fields. So I requested the driver to stop the vehicle and I started shooting. It was then that my appreciation for scenic photography developed. For me, good photographs have sharpness, good composition, and balanced & good quality. The play of light is also very important.