Kristine Ann Soguilon

I started showing interest and passion in art at the age of 2 through drawings and rough sketches. I see "magic" whenever I move my hand and pencil over a surface, creating a line in its path and turning it into anything that I imagine. Through time and practice, I discovered a skill and talent that helped me express myself and be noticed amidst my shyness. With art I do not have to worry of speaking in front of people and if they would even care to listen. I gained confidence when I started joining exhibits in grade school. It was my first taste of getting compliments and awards from people and peers. I also enjoy conceptualizing, designing, and making stage set-ups, backdrops, logos, and posters. I did a lot of these for different school events and celebrations in Miriam High School.

My skills in art do not end in paper and canvas alone. I am also passionate about video, music, and directing which I did for several school projects. My early experiences with art and the skills I gained from it gave me a deeper meaning of art. I look at art as not only a tool to express my emotions but an instrument for my thoughts and ideas to be felt and be seen in its most vivid form. Art can absolutely be anything that I can create for a purpose.

This coming school year, I'll be a freshman in the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts majoring in Visual Communication. I hope to hone my talent and skills and gain more knowledge in the arts so I can pursue my goal as an artist, painter, director, animator and other careers I want to get into which are related to art.

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