Jose Paolo Ferrer

My friends call me Paolo. Short from my real name Jose Paolo Ferrer. I got my high school education at the UP Integrated School. Just turned 18 last May 13, 2003, I'm currently taking BS Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman as an incoming sophomore student. I like to swim and watch movies especially of Japanese and Chinese origin. Sometimes I like to spend my time alone in order to think clearly. Also, I like to take pictures. My keen interest in photography started when I was in high school. My uncle introduced it when he gave me a brief tutorial in taking "people pictures" in one occasion. At first I didn't like it. The fact that my cousins were socializing with each other while I was busy taking photographs of my elder relatives made it less interesting. Add to it insecurity and shyness. But when people look and compliment my work even though it was by accident, it felt good. I felt appreciated. And soon I found out that it was one way of expressing oneself and I began to grow interested. Influence overcome shyness, passion over insecurity. I tried to shoot pictures of still life images, nature and animals, landscapes and (frequently) people even though they don't come out as I expected them to. Still some of them do come out good. Animals are what I'm fond of photographing except that they require a lot of patience and subjects that bring striking emotions.