Gena Chua

My noted inclination towards photography is the byproduct of my frustration as a conventional artist. Creatively, I am a writer- and not much else. I have detailed images printed in selected areas of my memory, but I can never put them in print. I love colors- in playing with them, however, I always notice a stubborn refusal on their part to participate in my efforts. In photography, I do not have to create; I only have to capture: a Greater Power has generously taken the role of an artist. Most people do not understand the strange, intense passion of photography. They do not understand why we spend rolls of film on one subject in the offchance that we will come up with a singularly fabulous picture. They do not realize that these offchances are why we are in photography. My birth in this artistic stem was brought about by a nameless infant sitting under the shade of an abandoned truck. At the precise millisecond that I took her picture, she smiled at my camera. As I was then untrained in the workings of my beloved instrument, the priceless smile did not appear in the picture. Ultimately, this is why I am in photography: I am determined never to lose an offchance again.