Din Dizon

I like pictures. Whether I'm in it or taking it, I'm just so fascinated by the art and science of photography. But I came to class hardly knowing anything about taking photographs, except for the use of the little knobs on my camera, which I acquired from reading the manual and an old photography book of my sister. Aside from photography, I love art in general especially contemporary/ 20th century art. I'm a fan of surrealism and admire artists like Dali and Duchamp. Something about the oddity and dreaminess of surrealism tickles the wild imaginings of my child within. I also enjoy reading and writing. I can lock myself up in my room for an entire day, open a book, and send my mind flying off to other worlds. And when nighttime comes, flap open my journal or any piece of paper I could get hold of and pour out my mind and soul in a few words and sentences; to come up with something that I call "brainfart." Another that I cannot live without is music. I listen to artists like Lush, Club 8, The Sundays, Brittle Stars, Teenage Fanclub, Madder Rose, Rocketship, and the list can go on and on. This is me in a nutshell. A tall girl with an SLR camera who reads, writes, listens to unheard of bands and is an art enthusiast. Jai guru deva om.