Christine Mendoza

My hobbies & interests: eclectic. I like a whole variety of things, the more "classic" ones of which include art, books, and music. I doodle and shade in pencil while listening to alternative rock or if whimsy strikes me, some obscure folk music of the Irish. My art inspiration? Anything from a crazy imagination to the human existence (cheesy but sadly true). Books include historical texts of ancient civilizations, fantasy tales of sword & sorcery, and maybe a cagey, bloody murder novel just for the hell of it. Beyond that, I enjoy a bunch of other stuff that may be weird, fun or simply not discussed in polite company (no I do not indulge in singing Broadway under the streetlight of a busy highway though I may under severe duress or alcoholic influence). Parasailing, target shooting and shimmying down a cable from a 60-story building are just some of the more extreme things I've done and would do again given half a chance. But on an everyday perspective I'm just your average neurotic person, the "Scourge of Demons" on RPG games, a bona fide couch potato during summer and a convicted pizza/pasta addict. Yeah, you know, the usual stuff. In any case, there's a whole world out there waiting and, yes, I've only just begun.